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Yoga of Tao

Access your Flow State


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Flow into Harmony with Tao Yoga

Discover Harmony, Clarity, and Boundless Inspiration with Yoga of Tao

A Glimpse Inside:

Go beyond the rigid routines and join us on a transformative journey into the realm of Flow. Yoga of Tao seamlessly blends ancient Taoist wisdom with contemporary practices, offering a unique path to inner peace, boundless energy, and vibrant well-being. Go beyond mere asanas and awaken to the profound power within. Are you ready to experience the magic of Flow?

“The body is the first and most natural dwelling place of spirit. All expression of what man is as man starts and ends with his physical nature.”

– Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and founder of Anthroposophy

What's Possible:

  • Unmask your conditioned self and ignite your authentic soul.
  • Tap into the infinite wellspring of your true potential.
  • Master conscious decision-making and forge your own path.
  • Transcend societal expectations and create a life without boundaries.
  • Experience profound clarity in relationships and communication.
  • Embrace life-affirming values and align with your true desires.
  • Liberate yourself from the shackles of the past and step into a limitless future.
  • Embrace simplicity and discover the elegance of authentic self-expression.
  • Join a community of like-minded seekers and ignite your transformation together.

Trusted Voices:

I came expecting a session in yoga, but got so much more. There were many different movements involved, but it all felt like one single flow from the beginning to the end, tied together with a story, and it built up to leaving the body and mind rejuvenated and cleansed. The effects stay long, and feels like I left with something permanent. Will definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a refreshing change from the regular that’s out there.

Shanti Iyer, EduTech

The Blueprint:

Embark on a profound, yet intimate journey that harmoniously blends ancient wisdom with contemporary marvels. Welcome to our exclusive live workshop tailored for seekers of harmony, clarity, and limitless inspiration amidst the bustling pace of today’s world. Get ready to be captivated, transformed, and deeply immersed in the captivating realm of Flow.

Imagine effortlessly stepping into the rhythm of existence, connecting with the timeless heartbeat of life through graceful, time-honored movements. Envelop yourself in the elegance of simplicity, both in your surroundings and within your inner sanctuary. Dive With the elegance of simplicity, both in your surroundings and within your inner sanctuary, dive into the unadorned beauty of practices that echo tranquility, inviting you to experience a profound sense of peace.

But this isn’t your ordinary yoga journey. Tao Yoga weaves a mesmerizing ballet with your body, releasing tension and unlocking newfound flexibility on a deeper level. It serenades your nerves, cocooning you in a gentle calm. As stress dissipates, you become a living embodiment of inner tranquility. Extended holds gently unravel emotions, freeing you from their grip and fostering emotional healing.

Prepare for a transformative adventure where escaping the mundane is your birthright. Engage in rituals that ground you in the present moment, liberating your spirit from distractions. Unleash Restore your innate spontaneity, infusing every action with the vibrant pulse of life. Dance through the delicate balance of opposites, creating a symphony of equilibrium across every facet of your being.

Experience the art of “non-action,” where significant accomplishments remarkable actions and goals flow with the grace of a serene river. Channel the fluidity of water, seamlessly adapting to life’s ebbs and flows. Immerse yourself in nurturing practices that blend effort and release, illuminating the tapestry of harmonious coexistence.

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Experience Transformation, Risk-Free. At Unalome Project, we prioritize your satisfaction. With our commitment to a risk-free experience, we invite you to embark on your transformative journey with confidence. Discover the power of our workshops, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Time for Change: Unlock Your Flow with Tao Yoga

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Facilitated by:


Ritika Komal

Ritika Komal, your dedicated guide on this Yoga of Tao journey, isn’t just an instructor; she’s a passionate explorer of ancient wisdom and modern well-being. With 5 years of rigorous training and experience, she has mastered the art of weaving potent philosophies into dynamic Hatha Yoga practices. Her sessions transcend mere postures, offering a profound shift in perspective that leads to a more authentic, spiritually grounded life. Driven by a belief in empowering individual journeys, Ritika provides the tools and knowledge to unlock your own inner wisdom and spark.

Workshop Intention:

Integrating Yoga and Taoism
Adopting Simplicity and Peace
Restoring Natural Spontaneity
Balancing Effort and Release
Awakening Energy Pathways
Mindfulness and Internal Dialog
Celebrating Unity Amidst Opposites
Expert-led live workshop
Time-tested Taoist and Yogic practices
Guided meditation and mindfulness exercises
Individualized attention and support

Journey Stage:
Workshop Intensity Level:
Transformation Level:
Foundational Transformation
Top Benefits:
Enhanced mindfulness and presence, Inner peace and harmony, Cultivation of balance and harmony in life
Top Features:
Transformative teachings, Immersive experiences, Yoga sessions
Non-duality, Self-enquiry, Existentialism
Handouts, Workbook
Who this workshop is meant for:
Artists, Community Oriented, Creators, Entrepreneurs, High Achieving Individuals, Mindfulness Practitioners, Spiritual Practitioners
Start Time:
11:00 am
Start Date:
18 February, 2024
End Time:
1:00 pm
End Date:
18 February, 2024
Venue Name:
Ajantha Hotel, Ashok Nagar

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Workshop Tuition:
All Payments Methods Accepted., Bulk Booking Discount Available., Package Deals Available.

Unleash Your Flow, Find Your Peace: Join the Tao Yoga Journey Today!

Don’t wait any longer to unlock your flow state and step into a life filled with harmony, clarity, and boundless inspiration. Limited spots are available for this transformative workshop, so claim your place today and receive a complimentary guide to deepen your practice. Click “Claim Your Transformation” and flow into your authentic self.

Limited Seats. Register Now!

Frequently asked:
Absolutely! Yoga of Tao caters to all levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned practitioners. Our instructors are skilled at tailoring the practice to individual needs and abilities, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and challenged. You'll receive personalized guidance to ensure a meaningful experience.
Yoga isn't about achieving perfect poses; it's about the journey and mindful exploration. Don't let preconceived notions hold you back! Our gentle movements and modifications are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. You'll be surprised at what your body can do!
Yoga of Tao focuses on practical tools and techniques with proven benefits, drawing from both ancient wisdom and modern science. You don't need to subscribe to any specific belief system to experience the transformative power of movement, mindfulness, and self-awareness.
Transformation takes time and consistency. The beauty of Yoga of Tao is its gradual yet profound impact. Trust the process, be patient with yourself, and celebrate even small improvements. You'll be amazed at the progress you make over time.
We understand! That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee (details provided on our website). If you're not completely satisfied after the session, we'll happily refund your investment. There's truly nothing to lose, except for the stress, anxiety, and disconnection you're holding onto.
Yoga of Tao goes beyond physical postures. We blend ancient Taoist wisdom with contemporary practices, creating a holistic approach to well-being that addresses mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, our emphasis on community and personalized guidance fosters a unique and transformative experience.
Even 15-20 minutes of daily practice can yield significant benefits. We offer guidance and suggestions to seamlessly integrate Yoga of Tao into your routine.
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Unalome Project operates as a platform for individuals to learn, grow, and discover themselves. We encourage open discussions on diverse topics, including potentially offensive or taboo themes, with the aim of examining conditioning and promoting personal growth. While the intention is not to cause harm or offense, discussions may involve explicit language and content. Participants are expected to engage respectfully, acknowledging that comfort levels vary. All involvement in the Unalome Project, including team, volunteers, facilitators, and participants, is voluntary. The content provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and individuals should consult qualified professionals for health concerns. By engaging with the Unalome Project, you accept these terms, including the potential for sensitive discussions and the spirit of personal exploration within our community.

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