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This is bliss!

Shaurya Singh

Visionary, Philosopher, and Guide

Provoking Thought, Stirring Souls, and Laughing at the Absurdities of Life

About Shaurya Singh

Shaurya Singh is not your typical philosopher. Founder of the Unalome Project, Shaurya is a multi-faceted enigma—meditator, philosopher, psychologist, playwright, and poet—all rolled into one provocatively profound human being. He dives headfirst into the chaotic swirl of human existence, extracting pearls of wisdom and absurdity.

Imagine a mind that dances effortlessly between the profound and the humorous, often at the same time. Shaurya’s plays, like “I Had a Dream” and “The Myth of Mandrake,” shatter conventional storytelling, breaking the fourth wall to engage audiences in philosophical banter and existential musings. His poetry? A testament to the beautifully twisted search for meaning in a world gone mad.

Ready to explore the Unalome Project? Brace yourself for a journey where the lines between reality and illusion blur, and the quest for self-discovery begins with a good laugh at the universe’s cosmic joke.

Philosophy and Vision

Shaurya Singh’s philosophy is a paradox wrapped in an enigma, served with a side of dark humor. He believes that true liberation lies not in control but in surrender. “When you let go of the need to control every aspect of your life,” Shaurya muses, “you open yourself up to the flow of the universe. You become a vessel for grace, allowing life to unfold naturally, without resistance.”

At the Unalome Project, we explore the depths of existentialism, Sufism, Zen, Tantra and Advaita philosophy, always with a nod and a wink at life’s absurdities. Join us as we laugh, cry, and ponder our way through the beautifully chaotic dance of existence.


1. Theatre

Shaurya Singh’s plays are a masterful blend of philosophical depth, dark humor, and meta-theatrical elements. Shaurya challenges conventional storytelling and engages audiences in profound, thought-provoking dialogues. His plays explore existential themes, societal critiques, and the absurdity of life, making each performance an unforgettable journey through the human psyche. Expect to laugh, ponder, and perhaps even question reality as you dive into the intricacies of Shaurya’s theatrical universe.

I Had a Dream

Characterized by intricate narratives, philosophical depth, and a unique blend of humor and pathos, this play employs meta-theatrical elements, breaking the fourth wall to engage the audience in a dialogue about reality and theater's role in society.

The Myth Of Mandrake

A satirical masterpiece that dismantles our notions of heroism and identity. Follow Whimik as he transforms into the legendary Mandrake, embarking on an absurd quest filled with bizarre tasks and surreal encounters. This play challenges the very fabric of storytelling, breaking the fourth wall and urging the audience to question the myths we live by. With a jaw-dropping climax that reveals a startling reality, "The Myth of Mandrake" promises to leave you questioning the nature of reality itself. Dive in and uncover the illusions that shape our world.

The Farce of Forgetting

In this darkly humorous monologue, Triboulet the clown wrestles with memory and identity, creating a powerful, unsettling theatrical experience that mirrors our fractured realities.

2. Workshops

Shaurya Singh’s workshops are transformative experiences that blend philosophical teachings, meditation, and interactive dialogue. Designed for seekers of truth and self-discovery, these sessions delve into themes such as existentialism, the power of surrender, and the interconnectedness of all things. With his unique blend of humor and profound insight, Shaurya creates a space where participants can explore their inner worlds, heal, and grow. Each workshop is an invitation to challenge your perceptions, embrace the absurdities of life, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals on a shared journey of transformation.

3. Other

Beyond plays and workshops, Shaurya Singh expresses his philosophical musings and artistic vision through poetry, painting, and videos. His poetry delves into the raw essence of the human condition, blending simplicity with profound insights. As a painter, Shaurya’s works reflect his contemplative nature and philosophical depth, often exploring themes of identity and existence. His videos offer a captivating blend of storytelling, visual art, and existential commentary. Each medium Shaurya explores is a testament to his multifaceted creativity, inviting you to ponder life’s mysteries and find beauty in its complexities.




This is not how it’s supposed to be,
The ever present compulsion to perform,
This all-consuming stress, these pointless chores,
These painfully dull conversations,
Relationships without connection,
Day in and day out,
Day in and day out.
These unsatisfiable expectations,
Unattainable fantasies fueling
This unending struggle.
This is not how its supposed to be.
Living is supposed to be fun
Really. Its is. Yes, I said fun.
And every moment, not just weekends!


I hid there for the longest time
Behind the pillar, across the hall
Underneath that absurd painting
The meaning of which
I am yet to figure out.
I will know what it means someday
And that day ain’t far away
Cause I see better now
Not clearer, just more.
More than before.


Nothing more to do or see
I’ve seen it all
The sudden rise
The tragic fall…
A better life
Supposedly awaits.
Why not end this then?
An honorable goodbye
Rather than a bland farewell.
Let’s celebrate one last time
Bring in the entertainment
The clowns and the whores,
And the band to play a moving song.
But promise me you won’t cry.
Promise me you’ll leave,
When it’s time.
And not linger on to show
That you were mine.
And whenever you find
a touch as delicate, as tender,
you will think of me
and remember.


Mosquito jazz!
Begun, it has.
Would you pass on please,
the frightening disease.
Apologies given as favors.
Edible insects in delicious flavors.
Counting sheep,
they are black as coal.
Counting crows,
they are white as snow.
Let’s make a fortune;
anything goes.
It don’t bother me,
cutting throats.
But that Mr. Germ,
he’s the concern.


There was a man,
Old, cold, sold,
To his condition.
Stood outside the temple,
Waiting, hating, hesitating.
And people passed by,
Dinging, dangling, giggling.
Nobody could see him there,
Lazy, hazy, crazy.
Now he is there no more,
Sink, blink, think,
What did they go to the temple for?


In my search,
I move away
from where
I want to go.
In my attempt,
I break away
from the
very goal.
In my desire,
I destroy
My oneness
With the whole.
In my words,
I suppress
the silence
of my soul.


I spent a lifetime
Trying to be different
How can I complain then,
That I don’t fit in?
Who is this?
Why has he trapped me?
Illuminated confines of ability.
Decorative boundaries of relation.
Soft prison cells, comfortably.
If it isn’t real,
Why should I escape?
Why should we be free?



I refuse to follow you.
I refuse to borrow your words,
your ideas, your beliefs.
Limiting preachings of fragmented minds.
I refuse to follow you.
I refuse to adopt your meanings,
interpretations, definitions.
Confining parameters, conditioning.
I refuse to follow you.
I refuse to belong to a nation, a race,
a religion, a caste, a creed.
False divisions, imaginary categories.
I refuse to follow you.
I refuse to hide behind a personality type,
to find any fault in you or me.
Evolutionary deterioration; progressive dementia.
I refuse to follow you.
I refuse to pretend to know.
I refuse to use any more words.
Just sounds. Only sounds.


have you ever been on the brink of madness,
one step away from loosing your mind?
have you ever been so close to chaos,
things that made sense got left behind?
don’t look up to him for answers.
question the questions that arise.
beyond everything that we know,
beyond all this it lies.

Play Video

Short Film

Saraab - The Mirage

Directed by Shaurya Singh

Plot Synopsis: A hardworking father’s lifelong dream of owning a car remains elusive as he tirelessly provides for his family. Unbeknownst to him, his son’s unexpected success as a poet may hold the key to fulfilling his father’s long-held desire.

Music Video


Directed by Shaurya Singh

Let the enchanting melodies of “Mrigtrishna,” inspired by the Śrī Sūktam, transport you on a captivating journey of self-discovery. This mesmerizing creation, masterfully crafted by Ankita and Srikar, features the soul-stirring vocals of Ankita Pai. The Shri Suktam, is the earliest recorded Sanskrit devotional hymns that revere Shri-Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth, prosperity, and fertility.

Play Video

Say What?! Podcast

“Say what?!” is an engaging and thought-provoking weekly live Q&A session. The session explores profound philosophical, existential, and spiritual topics, challenging the mainstream narrative and offering a unique perspective on personal development and wellness. With a commitment to disrupting norms and fostering critical thinking, “Say what?!” aims to leave a lasting impact on its audience and the industry at large.

This is Bliss Blog

“Say what?!” is an engaging and thought-provoking weekly live Q&A session. The session explores profound philosophical, existential, and spiritual topics, challenging the mainstream narrative and offering a unique perspective on personal development and wellness. With a commitment to disrupting norms and fostering critical thinking, “Say what?!” aims to leave a lasting impact on its audience and the industry at large.

Sought & Profound

“Sought & Profound” curated by Shaurya Singh features thought-provoking content. It includes a mix of quotes, memes, articles, and videos aimed at inspiring and stimulating deep thinking. The channel has a diverse collection of materials that challenge conventional perspectives and encourage introspection.

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