Playfully Disruptive.

We're a creative agency and design studio that understands the hidden forces that drive consumer behavior. This means your brand and campaigns truly resonate and get you noticed.

About us

In a world saturated with generic marketing, Proper Gainda Communications forges a different path. We are a team of strategists, designers, and marketing mavericks driven by a deep understanding of consumer psychology. We shun predictable trends in favor of campaigns and branding that tap into the subconscious desires of your audience. Our approach is bold, data-driven, and underpinned by a relentless desire to break through the noise.

The Approach

We begin by immersing ourselves in the very essence of your brand. Through strategic analysis and insights into behavioral science, we uncover the hidden levers that motivate your ideal customer. This isn't surface-level marketing - this is about forging powerful emotional connections that drive action. We then unleash a whirlwind of creativity, blending cutting-edge design with psychology-backed messaging that resonates.


Identity systems that become iconic

We don't just slap on a logo; we forge the very soul of your brand. Identities that become symbols, battle cries, and a beacon for your tribe.


Campaigns that hijack attention

Forget blending in. We engineer campaigns that infiltrate minds and refuse to be ignored. Expect a healthy dose of the unexpected, fueled by the hidden desires of your audience.

Web Design:

Digital experiences that seduce.

Your website isn't just a digital storefront; it's the gateway to your brand's universe. We design environments that weave a hypnotic spell, leading visitors effortlessly toward their 'aha' moment.

Graphic Design:

Visuals that speak volumes.

We transform complex concepts into visual masterpieces. Infographics that make eyes widen, illustrations that tell your story at a glance, marketing collateral that begs to be shared.

Content Marketing:

We weaponize your words.

Your expertise is your secret weapon. We unleash it through content packed with insights that leave your audience hungry for more. Forget fluff; we deliver potent doses of value that position you as the authority.

Social Media Management:

Your brand with a megaphone.

Social media is a battlefield, and we're your guerrilla marketing squad. Content that cuts through the noise, campaigns that trigger mass engagement, and a deep understanding of how to turn followers into your most passionate advocates.

Why Proper Gainda?

We're Results-Driven Mavericks

  • We Deliver Measurable Impact: Forget vanity metrics; we focus on tangible results that fuel your success.
  • We Uncover Hidden Opportunities: We analyze data and consumer behavior to reveal insights your competitors miss.
  • We Make Your Brand Unforgettable: Our campaigns stick in minds and refuse to be ignored.

We're Your Strategic Disruptors

  • We're Your Marketing Secret Weapon: Gain a competitive edge with our unique, psychology-driven approach. (Shhh...don't tell the others.)
  • We Play by Different Rules: Because blending in leads to obscurity. Be bold, be different, be seen.
  • We Embrace the Unexpected: Calculated risks, fueled by strategic insights, drive extraordinary outcomes.

We Utilize the Psychology of Marketing

  • We Understand the Science of Persuasion: Our strategies aren't based on guesswork – they're rooted in behavioral science.
  • We Tap into Subconscious Desires: We create messaging that speaks to your audience on a deeper, emotional level.
  • We Ignite Brand Loyalty: From customers to ardent fans – we help you build a devoted following.

Ready to Charge?

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