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Shanti Sessions

Find Peace & Clarity with Omkār Chanting


Group Meditation
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Discover why Shanti Sessions are becoming the go-to for inner peace and self-discovery.

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A Glimpse Inside:

Meditation apps are a good start, but what lies beyond? Experience the transformative power of live Omkār chanting, a gateway to your true nature. No forced stillness, just pure connection and profound peace. Find peace that goes beyond apps, discover a community that empowers. Ready to crack open your soul and begin your inner journey?

“Om is the sound of the universe unfolding, the sound of creation itself. When you chant Om, you are aligning yourself with the source of all that is. You are opening yourself to peace, harmony, and healing.”

~ Dr. Deepak Chopra

What's Possible:

  • Unmask your conditioned self and ignite your authentic soul.
  • Tap into the infinite wellspring of your true potential.
  • Master conscious decision-making and forge your own path.
  • Transcend societal expectations and create a life without boundaries.
  • Experience profound clarity in relationships and communication.
  • Embrace life-affirming values and align with your true desires.
  • Liberate yourself from the shackles of the past and step into a limitless future.
  • Embrace simplicity and discover the elegance of authentic self-expression.
  • Join a community of like-minded seekers and ignite your transformation together.

Trusted Voices:

“I never thought chanting could be so transformative! Shanti Sessions was more than just relaxation; it was a journey inwards. Shaurya’s guidance resonated deeply, and the sound of Om resonated in my soul. I felt stress melt away, replaced by a profound sense of peace and clarity.”

~Madan Mohan

The Blueprint:

You wake up on a Sunday morning, the usual Sunday scaries already gnawing at your edges. Emails pile up, to-do lists loom, and the weight of the week ahead feels heavy. You crave peace, a moment of respite, a connection to something deeper than the daily grind.

But where do you find it? Meditation apps feel impersonal, yoga studios intimidating, and silence…uncomfortably quiet. You yearn for something different, something that speaks to your soul, not just your stress levels.

Enter Shanti Sessions, a sanctuary amidst the Sunday storm. Step into a vibrant space filled with gentle light, soothing music, and the warm hum of anticipation. Diverse faces gather, united by a common desire: to find peace within the ancient power of Omkār chanting.

Forget complicated techniques and forced stillness. Here, chanting becomes a symphony of souls, led by the experienced guide Shaurya Singh. As the primordial sound of “Om” vibrates through your being, feel the tension melt away, layer by layer. Imagine stress dissolving like morning mist, replaced by a deep sense of calm washing over you.

But Shanti Sessions is more than just relaxation. It’s a journey of self-discovery. As you delve into the rich history and symbolism of Omkār, you unlock its deeper meaning: the connection to your true self, the essence that lies beyond anxieties and worries. This ancient practice, validated by modern science, becomes a portal to self-awareness, revealing possibilities you never knew existed.

Imagine emerging from the session, lighter, clearer, and more connected to yourself. The Sunday scaries are forgotten, replaced by a newfound inner strength and a spark of joy. You carry this peace throughout your week, radiating outward to your relationships and work. The transformation ripples beyond the session, creating a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

Shanti Sessions is not just a workshop; it’s a gateway to a transformed you. A community of kindred spirits awaits, ready to support you on your journey. Are you ready to trade busyness for inner bliss? Join us and discover the peace that has been waiting within you all along.

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Experience Transformation, Risk-Free. At Unalome Project, we prioritize your satisfaction. With our commitment to a risk-free experience, we invite you to embark on your transformative journey with confidence. Discover the power of our workshops, knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Facilitated by:


Shaurya Singh

Shaurya, founder of the Unalome Project, isn’t your average facilitator. He weaves philosophy, psychology, and the ancient power of Omkār chanting into transformative experiences. Years of practice, impactful talks, and plays exploring deep themes have shaped his unique approach. Over 1000 lives transformed – discover your peace with Shaurya in Shanti Sessions.

Workshop Intention:
  • Understand the significance and benefits of Omkār chanting.
  • Learn how to perform Omkār chanting effectively and with proper technique.
  • Experience the transformative power of collective meditation.
  • Discover techniques to find stillness, recharge energy, and restore balance in daily life.
  • Cultivate a deeper mind-body-spirit connection through the practice of Omkār chanting.
  • Develop a regular meditation practice for stress relief, emotional well-being, and inner peace.
  • Connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.
Journey Stage:
Workshop Intensity Level:
Transformation Level:
Foundational Transformation
Top Benefits:
Enhanced mindfulness and presence, Inner peace and harmony, Community and connection with like-minded individuals
Top Features:
Immersive experiences, Meditation instruction, Self-care practices
Advaita Vedanta, Non-duality, Self-enquiry
Audio Recordings, Downloadable Resources, Scientific Research Studies
Who this workshop is meant for:
Artists, Community Oriented, Entrepreneurs, General Audience, Health & Fitness Enthusiasts, Mindfulness Practitioners, Spiritual Practitioners, Spiritually Curious, Young Adults
Start Time:
9:00 am
Start Date:
19 February, 2024
End Time:
10:00 am
End Date:
19 February, 2024
Venue Name:
Hotel Ajantha, Ashok Nagar

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Workshop Tuition:
All Payments Methods Accepted., Bulk Booking Discount Available., Package Deals Available.

Discover Your Inner Peace

Experience the transformative power of Omkār chanting with like-minded seekers in our vibrant community. Limited spots available for this unique session – claim yours now and unlock: Deep relaxation and stress relief beyond meditation apps. A glimpse of your true self through ancient wisdom and modern science. Connection and support in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Sustainable practices for lasting inner peace beyond Sunday mornings.

Limited Seats. Register Now!

Frequently asked:
Absolutely! Shanti Sessions welcomes individuals of all meditation experience levels. Whether you're completely new or have dabbled in meditation apps, the power of Omkār chanting transcends techniques and resonates with everyone. This workshop provides a clear and accessible introduction to chanting, guided by the experienced facilitator Shaurya Singh. Come with an open mind and a desire for inner peace, and you'll find the experience both enriching and transformative.
While Omkār is considered a sacred sound in some traditions, Shanti Sessions focuses on its universal power for inner peace and self-discovery, regardless of religious beliefs. The chanting itself isn't a prayer or ritual, but rather a vibrational tool to access deeper states of consciousness and connect with your true essence. You'll be joining a diverse community of individuals seeking personal growth and well-being, united by the desire for inner harmony, not any specific dogma.
No worries! Omkār chanting doesn't involve singing or complex melodies. It's simply a single sound, "Om," chanted in unison with the group. You can participate at your own comfort level, vocalizing softly or simply resonating the sound internally. The power lies not in the volume, but in the collective intention and shared vibration. Come with an open mind and listen to the sounds around you, allowing the experience to unfold organically.
There's no catch! Shanti Sessions is designed to be an accessible and enriching experience for anyone seeking inner peace and self-discovery. We believe that this ancient practice has the power to transform lives, and we want to share it with the world. The workshop fee covers the space, facilitation, and ensures a quality experience for all participants. If you're hesitant, remember that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you're not happy with the experience, we'll refund your payment in full.
There is no specific attire required for Shanti Sessions. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that allows ease of movement. As for equipment, we provide the necessary items for the session. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to explore the power of Omkār chanting. The focus is on inner peace and self-discovery, not fashion, so come in what makes you feel relaxed and at ease.
We encourage you to explore! Read more about Omkār chanting and its benefits online, listen to recordings of chants, or even watch videos of similar sessions. If you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us directly. We're happy to chat and help you decide if Shanti Sessions is the right step for your journey to inner peace.
Comfort is key! While the session lasts for one hour, you'll be seated on comfortable chairs or cushions, and there's no pressure to maintain rigid postures. Feel free to adjust your position as needed, stretch gently, or even stand up briefly if necessary. Your well-being is our priority, and we aim to create a safe and supportive space for everyone.
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Unalome Project operates as a platform for individuals to learn, grow, and discover themselves. We encourage open discussions on diverse topics, including potentially offensive or taboo themes, with the aim of examining conditioning and promoting personal growth. While the intention is not to cause harm or offense, discussions may involve explicit language and content. Participants are expected to engage respectfully, acknowledging that comfort levels vary. All involvement in the Unalome Project, including team, volunteers, facilitators, and participants, is voluntary. The content provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and individuals should consult qualified professionals for health concerns. By engaging with the Unalome Project, you accept these terms, including the potential for sensitive discussions and the spirit of personal exploration within our community.

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