Resilience Primal Flow

Kavery M K


Kavery’s passion for body movement shines through in her unique approach to Primal Flow, Qigong, and Kettlebell training. With a deep understanding of the body’s capabilities, she seamlessly guides her students to embrace fluidity and grace in their movements, encouraging a sense of connectedness with their physical selves.
Through the ancient art of Qigong, Kavery communicates a profound understanding of energy flow and mindfulness, helping her students find inner balance and serenity at the time of life’s daily challenges. Her nurturing and compassionate coaching style create a supportive environment, where individuals can explore their potential without fear of judgment.
As a national athlete in Kettlebell sports, Kavery leads by example, demonstrating the dedication and discipline required to achieve excellence. Her training programs are thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse goals and fitness levels, empowering each individual to push their limits and discover newfound strength and resilience. Over the past five years, Kavery has diligently honed her skills and expertise, establishing herself as a trusted guide for individuals striving to enhance their physical and mental well-being.

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