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Shaurya Singh

Founder, Unalome Project

“The time has come for us to make a crucial choice. We could choose to go down this path of conflict, disturbance and destruction. Or then, we can choose to heal, to transform, to discover our truth. We need to do this first, as individuals and then, as a collective, collaborating to create a whole new way of living, for the next generation.”



Step into the extraordinary world of Shaurya Singh, where meditation and spirituality intertwine to create a transformative experience like no other. Meet Shaurya, the visionary behind the Unalome Project, who has dedicated his life to helping individuals find true freedom and boundless bliss.

Since its inception in 2017, the Unalome Project has been a beacon of immersive workshops and transformative journeys, inviting participants to embark on profound inner quests and gain fresh perspectives on life. Shaurya, the mastermind behind these experiences, has designed a remarkable workshop called “Nine Steps to Nothing,” a 21-day voyage that liberates participants from limitations, resolves past struggles, and create new purpose into their lives.

But that’s not all. Prepare to discover the art of accessing inner peace and joy through “Blissfulness Meditation,” or explore the wisdom of the Mystic poet Mevlana Rumi in “Something Sufi.” Shaurya’s offerings extend further with “The Affluence Seminar,” delving into abundance and prosperity, “Conversations on Silence,” exploring the transformative power of silence, and “Katsu! The Zen Experience,” which applies Zen Buddhist principles to daily life.

But Shaurya’s talents don’t end there. He has crafted thought-provoking plays that delve into philosophical and psychological themes, with “I had a dream” receiving critical acclaim during its run in Bengaluru.

As a sought-after speaker on Existentialism, Sufism, Zen, and Indian philosophy, Shaurya has left an indelible mark on the lives of over 1000 individuals worldwide through his inspiring lectures, captivating plays, enlightening talks, empowering workshops, transformative journeys, and awe-inspiring events. With his expertise in facilitating radical transformations, Shaurya is passionately committed to helping individuals discover inner peace and purpose through his extraordinary offerings.

Prepare to break free from limitations and create new meaning under Shaurya’s transformative guidance. Explore the realms of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and mysticism, and unlock your own inner peace and happiness. With Shaurya Singh and the Unalome Project, the path to authenticity and fulfillment awaits you.

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Years of experience.
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Wrote and directed the play “I Had a Dream”
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