Shakti is rising. Let us make famous those unsung women we know. Women who are fighting hard, women who are being there, women who are changing the world, women who are selflessly giving. Let’s use this platform to recognize thier value, to show them that we care. Lets spread the love.

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Using Instagram Reels

  • Record your Instagram Reels footage as full-screen vertical videos. This could be you telling us about the Incredible Woman or then you can interview her too.
  • The aspect ratio for Reels is 9:16.
  • Total length can be up to 90 seconds long.
    Use the many unique editing tools and choose from the extensive library of music and audio tracks.
    You can also include multiple video clips, filters, captions,  stickers, and more.
    Then add a caption. Gives us reasons why you have chosen this woman as your submission for #incrediblewomen. Tell us her story. You can include emojis and the hashtags, and make sure you tag Unalome Project in your caption.
    Adjust additional settings. Make sure you enable comments for this post.
    Preview your Reel and click “Post now” to publish it.

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