Radiant Reflections | A Transformative One-on-One Journey with Sneha S

Are you ready to unearth your hidden potential and create a life that radiates with joy and purpose?

Radiant Reflections is a sacred container where you’ll receive personalized guidance and support from Sneha S, founder of Shakti Cirque and the Lunar Shakti Manifestation Method. In these intimate sessions, you’ll:

  • Connect with Your Inner Wisdom: Tap into your intuition and access the deep well of wisdom that resides within you.
  • Heal Emotional Wounds: Release old patterns, traumas, and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Manifest Your Dreams: Learn powerful tools and techniques to attract abundance, love, and joy into your life.
  • Embrace Your Feminine Power: Cultivate a deeper understanding and connection to the Divine Feminine energy within you.
  • Create a Life You Love: Design a personalized roadmap for your spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Tuition (in Rupees):


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Choose Your Path to Radiance

We offer a transformative journey tailored to your unique needs:


Introductory FreeFlow Session

Experience the transformative power of Radiant Reflections, where Sneha S guides you on a personalized journey of self-discovery, healing, and manifestation. Book your first consultation today and unlock the radiant life that awaits you.


Radiant Reflections: Focused 5-Session Package (Required)

Embark on a deep dive into your inner world with a series of five dedicated sessions, designed to unlock your full potential and manifest your dreams. This package provides the structure and support you need to create lasting change and fully embrace your divine feminine power.


Freeflow Sessions (Available After Completing the 5-Session Package):

Continue your journey of self-discovery with individual sessions tailored to your evolving needs. Once you’ve completed the 5-Session Package, you can book Freeflow Sessions to address specific challenges, gain further clarity, or simply deepen your connection with your inner wisdom.

(Note: Freeflow sessions are available only after completing the 5-Session Package.)


Introductory Session, Focused 5 Sessions Package, Free Flow Session

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