Your body was designed to move. Not sit on the couch or at a desk.

Your breath is meant to invigorate. Not something you catch every once in a while.
Your being is in essence a flow. Not limited, constricted or contracted.



LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

The Resilience Primal Flow Bootcamp is intended to be a fun and effective way to recognize the body’s incredible ability to move, align, and rejuvenate. Explore simple routines to connect with your movement abilities, as well as to improve your energy flow rhythm. You can build a super strong functional body, changing the chemistry of the body and mind to live life with incredible flexibility and suppleness.

4 weeks

RPF: Bootcamp is a four-week training program that focuses on improving functional abilities, increasing body awareness, and bringing vitality to human life. This training programme focuses on movements that will help you perform better in everyday situations.

16 sessions

This is an in-person programme in which you will be guided and trained by a coach who will accompany you on this four-week journey. During the four-week journey, you will receive 16 sessions spread out over the days Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Prepare to be transformed, to feel energized and pumped like you’ve never felt before.A power-packed fitness training programme that will help you become more vital, strong, and resilient.
Resilience Primal Flow is a fitness system with a very unique approach and philosophy. We believe that fitness is not just about muscle building or weight loss, it is a way of life. We explore fitness through multiple dimensions of energy, vitality, flexibility, strength, balance, health and wellbeing.


“Very different from a conventional fitness regime of just sweating it out.”

>> Mahalakshmi

“taught me a new form of exercising, it feels liberating.”

>> Neeraj Pandey

“helped me adopt fitness as a habit.”

>> Preeti Mathur

“Activators instead of warm-ups, absolutely amazing!”

>> Ritika

“has changed the perspective of the routine movements that I did before the workshop.”

>> Prabha Devi


RPF: Bootcamp is the place to explore all aspects of fitness, not just muscle building or weight loss.


Workouts curated for long-term practice and far-reaching benefits.


Designed for optimum advantage saving hours of workout time.


Most effective and impactful hacks and key techniques, forms, and movements.


Scientifically structured routines that is simple to follow and flow with.


Professional coaching, guidance and support throughout the program.


Attend the session either online (evenings) or offline (mornings).


Primal movements

Primal movements are ground-based movements that are intended to mimic the movement of early humans and animals. These primitives were crucial in the development of the human body and mind. Primal moves will improve your body’s physical abilities. These quadrupedal movement is great for the joints, coordination and strength. The movement is so powerful that it will strengthen your deeper tissues. Primal movement fortifies the nervous system, making it easier to connect with your senses. They will help your body regain its natural strength, mobility, and posture if you practice them on a regular basis. Practicing primal moves will aid in energy restoration, allowing you to move more easily and comfortably.


Activators are a combination of movements and deep, powerful breathing. Activators help the body warm up by activating all of the muscles and nerves. Activators aid in the opening of the body by removing tightness and stiffness from muscles and joints. This will help to increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. Activators will also assist you in mentally preparing for the next segment of your routine.


The “Dynamic Energy Channel Activation Movements” are inspired by ancient routines of Qigong, Tai Chi, Kand Yoga that were created thousands of years ago as an essential practice for health and wellbeing. It entails movements designed to maximize energy flow within the body, mind, and spirit. DECAM’s movements are intended to improve the body’s health and vitality, while also calming and tranquilizing the mind.


Kavery Mukkatira is the founder of Resilience Mind and Body and a certified fitness coach. She has won the National Kettlebell Sports Championship. Her specialty is guiding and coaching people through their fitness journeys. She developed the Resilience Primal Movement boot camp programme to help people explore their bodies and minds through movement and connect with their primal energy. Her goal is to raise awareness among people that fitness can be enjoyable, simple, and effective!


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