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Nine Nights of the Goddess

Every month, on the new moon cycle, several people join us to explore our feminine energy. The workshop is spread over nine days, each day focusing on a unique feminine quality through simple rituals, mesmerizing body movements, creative visualization-based mediations, and fun activities. All this with a strong and supportive tribe of people!


The work is all about rediscovering the attributes of the Goddess of the day based on the millennia old tradition. These attributes, like creativity or abundance or splendor exist within us but have been made dormant within our modern lifestyles. The Nine Nights of the Goddess workshop is a space where we learn how to activate and embody these hidden super powers. 


Listen to an audio file that contains the message from the Goddess.


Explore the attributes for the day based on the traditional Nav Durgas.


Experiment with simple activities that help embody and actualize the attributes of the day.


Take on the guided meditation to create space for profound insights and healing.

The Nine Nights of the Goddess journey takes place every month following the moon cycle. It is the discovery of immense personal power and liberation through the practices of the Divine Feminine, that you shouldn’t miss.


MNFFeatured EVent- 9Ways MNFFeatured Guest-Sneha S


Nine Ways to

Awaken Shakti

DATE: 24.09.2022 (Saturday)

Time: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm IST

Nine simple explorations to discover, activate and imbibe energies of the Divine Feminine inspired by the Nine Durgas of the Navratri tradition.


MNFFeatured EVent-Opening

Opening Ceremony

DATE: 25.09.2022 (Sunday)

Time: 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm IST

  • The program for the evening begins with an invocation
  • Followed by Kirtan and Chanting by Malvika Goswami.
  • Then there will be the inauguration by the chief guest Ray R Dharma and the inaugural speech.
MNFFeatured EVent- Elephant3 MNFFeatured Guest-Chaitanya3

Elephant Mother

~ Gaja Lakshmi

With Dr. Chaitanya Sridhar

DATE: 25.09.2022 (Sunday)

Learn about elephant symbolism in ancient Indian culture and their deep intuitive wisdom that can teach us how to live better lives.

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MNFFeatured EVent-NNG-kickoff

NNG Kick-off Session

DATE: 25.09.2022 (Sunday)

Join this session to set an intention, create context and gain a deeper understanding of the Nine Night journey. This session is essential to get the most value from the journey.


MNFFeatured EVent-Suprabhatamg MNFFeatured Guest-Suprabhatam team


With Sneha, Ritika and Nanthitha

Every Morning at 8:00 am

26.09.22 - 04.10.22

Suprabhātam is the perfect morning routine to supercharge your day and infuse it with auspiciousness!


Featuring the optimum curated morning routine of Yoga, Breath-work, Mediation and Chanting.


Learn to recite the “Devi Suktam” over the nine days.

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Early morning is the perfect time to create an empowering context for the day. When you get up early and do the Suprabhātam practice, you’re setting yourself up for a great day. Numerous studies have found that people who incorporate meditation, chanting, yoga and prāṇāyāma in their morning routines are happier, healthier, and more successful than those who do not. After just one week, you’ll start to notice some of the powerful benefits, such as less stress, deeper sleep, more energy, increased focus, and decreased anxiety and depression.


Starting your day with this Suprabhātam practice will equip you to better deal with the challenges and opportunities that the day may bring.

MNFFeatured EVent- Veena MNFFeatured Guest-Praseanna2

Classical Veena Recital

With Prasanna Srinivasan

Every Morning at 9:00 am

26.09.22 - 04.10.22

Listen to a live rendition Carnatic Classical melodies that explore the philosophical and artistic qualities of the relationship with Shakti.

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MNFFeatured EVent- Movement Meditation MNFFeatured Guest- Sukhleen

Movement Meditation

With Sukhleen Kaur

Every AFTERNOON at 3:00 pm

26.09.22 - 04.10.22

Nine specially designed movement meditations based on the Goddess of the day.

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We will keep adding to this list as confirmations happen

MNFFeatured EVent-Nutrition MNFFeatured Guest- Diksha2

Hormonal Nutrition

With Diksha Banthia

26.09.22 (MONDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Join Diksha for a nutrition session on “Menstrual & Hormonal” changes, as she will be sharing her experience of working on such cases, along with providing some easy-to-follow practical tips and followed by a Q&A during the live session.
MNFFeatured EVent- Primal MNFFeatured Guest- Kauvery2

Resilience Primal Flow

With Kavery Mukkatira

27.09.22 (TUESDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Get in touch with the inner wild primal energy and discover ways to build strength, agility and flow.

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MNFFeatured EVent- empaths MNFFeatured Guest-Ashley

The Strength

of Intuition

With Ashley Kay Andy


28.09.22 (WEDNESDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm IST

Tap into your Direct Line to the Divine
MNFFeatured EVent- Abundance MNFFeatured Guest-Ray2

Living Abundance

With Ray R Dharma

29.09.22 (THURSDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Learn about the attitude of abundance and how to embody it into every aspect of life. Featuring a powerful guided visualization.

MNFFeatured EVent- Unlearning MNFFeatured Guest-Jinan2


With Jinan KB

30.09.22 (FRIDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Decode the structure of how children create knowledge of the real world and understand the damages of literacy on the development of the cognitive system.
MNFFeatured EVent- music-med MNFFeatured Guest-Vishesh



With Vishesh Kalimero

03.10.22 (MONDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

A workshop designed to create a new relationship with your singing voice for non musicians and musicians alike.Singing is the first musical instrument known to us, being the most instinctive way to express any kind of emotion that we feel in the moment. Instead of trying to sing songs we would dive within and sing without any lyrics to access an intuitive expression.
MNFFeatured EVent-Always Arriving MNFFeatured Guest-ss

Always Arriving

With Shaurya Singh

04.10.22 (TUESDAY)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

An exploration of non-duality through thought experiments that dare to dive into the most profound depths of philosophy, spirituality and life.

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Date: 01.10.2022 and 02.10.2022


MNFFeatured EVent- Tarot2 MNFFeatured Guest- Aishani2

Tarot Reading

With Aishani Mukherjee

01.10.22 (Saturday)

11:00 am to 12:00 Noon

Get a glimpse into what possibilities are in store for you, and find ways to make the best of it. 

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MNFFeatured EVent- OSTn2 MNFFeatured Guest-Megha

Safety Keys

to Sexuality

With Meghanaiyegee Venketasamy


02.10.22 (Sunday)

3:00 PM to 4:00 pm

Systemic exploration of me, sex and sexuality. 

MNFFeatured EVent- Devi2 MNFFeatured Guest-Malvika



With Malvika Goswami

02.10.22 (Sunday)

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Musical rendition of verses from the Argala Stotram

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MNFFeatured EVent- Closing

Closing Ceremony

DATE: 05.10.2022 (Wednesday)

Time: 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm IST

The Maha Navratri Festival will close with Kirtans by Malvika Goswami and Nanthitha Shankar and will be a space to share what you have gained from the entire journey.

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