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The Maha Navrati Festival 2022

The most auspicious dates of the Indian Lunar calendar are the nine nights (Sanskrit: Navratri) during the Ashwin month. Considered to be the time when the grace of Shakti (the divine feminine energy) is most accessible, it is widely celebrated with great fervour and festivity.



The Maha Navratri celebrates the triumph of the light of wisdom over darkness of ignorance. During this time, it is important to come together, remember your inner truth, and celebrate the magic of life. Learning, healing, and awakening are at the core of this festival. We believe that there can be no better time to embark on this amazing journey that can build a powerful new paradigm for living.



Experience a soulful adventure by learning and deepening your knowledge of conscious living. Be inspired by experts for practical workshops, masterclasses, and discussions geared toward knowledge sharing. Learn methods and techniques to live a more compassionate, empowered, and healthy life, and immerse yourself in mesmerizing live performances by incredible artists.

Nine Nights of the Goddess

“Let’s touch earth and connect with our roots,

let’s reclaim our place in the world,

let’s walk the path together as a tribe,

let’s come together to create a new era

of collaborative and joyful existence.”

For the last two years, hundreds of women from all over the world have taken this nine night journey and have discovered amazing value for themselves. NNG is a space where you will learn to activate your innate feminine powers through enchanting little rituals, movement work, powerful creative visualisations, curated activities, and deep meditations. Along with a tribe of incredible women, reconnect with your inner light and allow it shine through all areas of your life.

The Vision

To bring ancient wisdom into a contemporary form, making it accessible to the next generation.

To create a platform to showcase incredible women who are making an impact in the world.

To bring together artists, performers, speakers to share their craft, knowledge and experience.

To provide insights on relationships, wellbeing, healing, parenting and sustainable living through curated discussions with experts in these fields.

To empower women by creating a zone of inspiration, learning, resources and networking.

To celebrate the spirit of womanhood through reclaiming the spiritual strength derived from Divine feminine work.

To engage individuals and communities in activities and conversations that create harmony, respect and oneness.

The Values


The core of the festival is the Nine Nights of the Goddess program that guides you through each days significance to build a whole new relationship with yourself and reach your full potential.


Workshops, talks and seminars aimed at knowledge sharing for a more compassionate, conscious, and healthy life.


Sessions for readings and spiritual guidance, alternative healing sessions, daily live chanting to bring about inner peace and restoration of balance.


Discussions and conversations on important issues aimed at creating awareness and practical value.


Immersive and mesmerizing live performances by incredible artists from around the world.

The Program

Along with the core NNG journey, the festival is offered as live streaming events, classes, and pre-recorded content by a world-class line-up of wonderful teachers, performers, and practitioners, so you can catch all its events from the comfort of your own home.


We are all here for the same reasons. To learn new things, discover connections between disciplines, and have fun. We are all here to grow as individuals, to help out new people, and to meet interesting people from all over the world. Let’s enjoy, celebrate, and create some awesome vibes together.


MNF has everything you need to accelerate your spiritual and well-being journey is right here in our wonderful program schedule. Don’t forget to check back often to see what’s new!

The All Access Pass

If you want the best value for your journey, get your tickets early! The ticket us inclusive of all the programs mentioned in the Program Schedule.



Program Co-Ordinator: Ritika Komal

Program Director: Sneha S

Designed by Shaurya Singh

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