The Divine Feminine: Varahi’s Call in the Month of Aashad

Discover the transformative power of Varahi worship during Aashad Navaratri. This ancient Tantric practice, centered on the fierce boar-faced goddess Varahi, offers profound spiritual and psychological benefits. Learn how Varahi embodies Shakti, the divine feminine energy, and why Aashad is considered a potent time for spiritual seekers. Explore the connections between Varahi sadhana and Jungian shadow work, neuroplasticity, and the concept of microcosm-macrocosm in Hindu philosophy. Uncover the significance of cyclical time in Tantric practices and how Varahi worship challenges conventional notions of spirituality. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or curious about Divine Feminine work, this exploration of Varahi and Aashad will deepen your understanding of Tantric traditions and their relevance in modern times.

The Goddess Within: An Urban Woman’s Search for Self

Unlock the power of the Divine Feminine within you. Discover how embracing intuition, compassion, and creativity can lead to profound personal growth and spiritual connection. Join us on a transformative journey to your inner goddess.