Are you stuck in the crab dance?

The crab dance may be ingrained in our nature, but by embracing the wisdom of the divine feminine and seeking transformative communities, we navigate its intricate steps. Transforming the sideways shuffle into a purposeful stride, we choose paths aligning with our authentic selves, leading us towards a life filled with meaning, connection, and fulfillment.


Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.

Marianne Williamson


Johanna Shendre

Meet Johanna Shendre, the visionary behind Mojave Image Consulting. With 6 years of industry expertise, Johanna proudly holds the AICI, CIC certification. Her commitment to the craft extends beyond consulting; she is also a certified makeup artist from the renowned VLCC Institute. Johanna's fervor lies in empowering individuals to embrace their unique style and elevate their image. Her journey unfolds a profound vision, seamlessly merging the science of appearance with the psychology of authenticity and confidence. Delving into the world of personalized style guidance, color analysis, expert makeup application, and self-improvement practices, Johanna skillfully guides clients to unlock their true potential. Join us on this transformative journey led by a seasoned expert dedicated to enhancing personal style and fostering confidence.

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Embracing your inner wisdom for authentic living.

Imagine a creature scuttling along the sand, its body low, claws outstretched, progressing in a comical sideways shuffle – the crab, a master of lateral movement. A testimony to the adage, “A straight line is the distance between two points, but the crooked path is the one that makes the journey interesting.” However, beneath this charming spectacle lies a truth we often overlook: the dance of indecision and half-hearted pursuits.

We dabble in careers, fleet through relationships, and collect hobbies like souvenirs, never truly committing to any one path. Fuelled by anxieties like the fear of failure, the ever-present FOMO (fear of missing out), and the tyranny of choice, the crab dance is a prevalent phenomenon, with a 2023 University of Pennsylvania study revealing that a staggering 83% of adults experience decision-making anxiety.

Trapped in the Sideways Shuffle

Many of us move through life with a contagious smile and vibrant energy, yet harbour an internal tug-of-war. Stuck in the “crab dance” of indecision, our lives resemble the stories and regrets of unfulfilled potential.

A constant fear of failure gnaws at us. Every career path seems perilous, every relationship laden with heartbreak. This fear stems from a deep-seated belief in our inadequacy, a voice that whispers, “You’re not good enough.” This fear manifests as analysis paralysis, leaving us frozen at decision points, unable to commit.

Beneath the layers of fear lies a yearning for connection, fulfillment, and purpose. A significant 40% of adults, as per the Cigna 2023 Loneliness Index, grapple with feelings of isolation, intensifying the struggle for unmet yearnings. We dream of careers that ignite passion, relationships that nourish the soul, and a life that echoes vibrancy. Yet, remain elusive, veiled by the fog of indecision.

Breaking Free from the Labyrinth

Our biggest weakness is often our reliance on external validation. We seek approval in the opinions of others, their choices becoming our roadmap. This leads to a lack of self-trust, leaving us unable to discern our authentic desires and chart our own course. An alarming 80% of social media users compare themselves to others online, a behavior linked to feelings of inadequacy (University of Pennsylvania, 2022). Additionally, studies reveal that individuals proficient at gauging others’ opinions are more likely to conform to group norms, even if they fundamentally disagree (Asch, 1951).

Our minds are battlegrounds where logic clashes with intuition. While our intellect meticulously analyzes every option, our intuition whispers the truth we fear to acknowledge. This internal discord fuels our indecisiveness, creating a mental labyrinth with no clear exit.

We feel trapped, spectators in our own lives. The crab dance becomes a familiar, yet suffocating waltz. Frustration simmers beneath the surface, manifesting in self-doubt, impatience, and a gnawing sense of dissatisfaction.

But can we break free from this restricting rhythm and stride purposefully? What if the key lies not in pushing harder, but in turning inward, in connecting with the often-neglected aspects of our own being? Enter the concept of the divine feminine.

The Divine Feminine: Your Inner Compass

The divine feminine, in its complex interpretations, embodies qualities like intuition, receptivity, collaboration, and emotional wisdom. These stand in stark contrast to the anxieties fueling the crab dance – fear, competition, and the need for control. Nurturing these feminine qualities within ourselves allows a deeper understanding of the shadow side of human nature, providing tools to navigate its complexities.

Encouraging collaboration and connection, the divine feminine invites us to step out of the competitive “hustle culture.” Engaging in mindful partnerships, be it with friends, mentors, or communities, fosters trust and shared vulnerability. This support network becomes a safe space to explore options, voice fears, and gain insights guiding us towards clarity.

Embracing Your Inner Wisdom

Moreover, the intuitive wisdom of the divine feminine promotes an organic approach to decision-making. Instead of forcing our way forward, we learn to listen to the subtle whispers of our inner knowing. This doesn’t negate the need for logic and analysis; rather, it adds depth and nuance to our choices, leading us to paths resonating with our authentic selves.

It doesn’t demand drastic lifestyle changes or adherence to specific dogmas. It’s a journey of exploration, embracing qualities we may have deemed “weak” or “unproductive.” It involves listening to our bodies, honoring emotions, and allowing space for stillness and reflection.

Beyond Data: The Transformative Power of Personal Stories

Beyond Data: Countless personal stories and anecdotal evidence showcase the transformative power of embracing the divine feminine qualities as a path to overcoming indecisiveness and living a more authentic life. The key lies in finding practices that resonate with you, be it meditation, journaling, spending time in nature, or engaging in creative pursuits.

And speaking of transformative journeys, let me share a personal revelation. I have discovered a community that significantly catalyzes this process—the Fire of the Goddess workshop. This advanced workshop provides a space for breaking out of the crab dance, but before one embarks on the fire’s intensity, there’s a preparatory step called “Nine Nights of the Goddess.” It serves as a guide, directing you towards finding those loopholes and reducing emotional attachments, a necessary foundation before diving into the concentrated and powerful experience of the Fire of the Goddess. Personally, this community has been instrumental in my journey, offering profound benefits.


The crab dance may be ingrained in our nature, but by embracing the wisdom of the divine feminine and seeking transformative communities, we navigate its intricate steps. Transforming the sideways shuffle into a purposeful stride, we choose paths aligning with our authentic selves, leading us towards a life filled with meaning, connection, and fulfillment.

This journey isn’t about erasing fears but dancing with them, guided by the gentle light of our own inner wisdom.


Dance with the Moon,

Not the Tide.

Will you join the dance?

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