The hidden knowledge of the Āṣāḍh Navratri

Manifest prosperity in your life and protect yourself from all negativity through this ancient Nine Night practice from the comfort of your home.


Who is it for?

Traditionally, this Navrātri has been practiced by seekers and practitioners privately to imbibe the energies of the Goddess and manifest their desires. It is only known to a few accomplished Sādhaks and Sages. It is said that performing sādhna for Goddess Durga in her nine forms during this period will end all materialistic problems.

This Navrātri, known as Āṣāḍh Navrātri or Gupt (secret) Navrātri is for everyone who is seeking to unlock powerful manifestation energies and gain a deeper connection with their inner Shakti.

Āṣāḍh Navrātri

Key Features



This NNG is to be performed silently and privately. There will be group sharing, however it will be limited to a specific format.


Men and Women

This NNG is open to men and women.


Bonus: Varahi Sadhana

This NNG will reveal the process of Varahi Sadhana along with a special Night Meditation ritual.


Special Offer

For everyone who has done NNG in the past, this batch is available free of cost. And for all new participants, there is a
50% discount.




The Āṣāḍh Navrātri is meant to be for silent sadhana of the Goddess Varahi. She is a powerful and compassionate Goddess who removes obstacles and bestows prosperity. She is known to protect against all negative energies. 


Goddess Varahi is the one who can grant you all that the material world has to offer. All the kings in ancient times worshipped Varahi to bring wealth and success to their kingdom. She is considered as the embodiment of Dhairyam (courage), Veeryam (valor), and Vijayam (victory). She is also known to be the bestower of Para Vidya (transcendental wisdom).

“Let’s touch earth and connect with our roots,

let’s reclaim our place in the world, 

let’s walk the path together as a tribe, 

let’s come together to create a new era of collaborative and joyful existence.”


What is NNG?

Hundreds of women and men from all over the world have taken this journey and have discovered amazing value for themselves. Learn to activate your innate feminine powers through enchanting little rituals, movement work, powerful creative visualizations, curated activities, and deep meditations. Along with a tribe of incredible women, reconnect with your inner light and allow it shine through all areas of your life.



Connecting with your natural, pure, and intuitive beingness.

Innate powers

Rediscovering and reclaiming your innate powers.


Creating an empowering and rejuvenating self-care routine.


Healing the past hurts, guilt and resentment.

Letting go

Letting go of the imposed belief systems and narratives.

Beyond limitations

Destroying limiting conditioning and behavior patterns.


Breaking the chains of generational suffering. Creating a sustainable shifts in paradigms.

Finding your tribe

Becoming part of a loving, non-judgemental space. Achieving your personal vision with the help of an encouraging support system.


Finding inner peace and a sense of wholeness.


Most frequent questions and answers
Nine Nights of the Goddess is a nine-day program that begins with the new moon. There will be a Celebration session (live on Zoom) one day after the program. If taken together, the entire process lasts eleven days.
The journey will happen completely online and can be done from any part of the globe. We will be using Zoom for the live session and all the rest of the content (documents and audios) will be given to you via the Telegram group.
Each day you will explore a different aspect of the Divine Feminine. Through a powerful invocation, journal prompts, unique visualizations, body movement work, and curated activities, you will experience those attributes within you and learn to express them in your life.
The format of the journey builds on each previous day and requires you to complete the activities and explorations given. This way you will get the most value out of it. However, how, and when you choose to do them can be based on your convenience. The daily work takes about an hour in total and can be spread out during the day.
The fee you pay at the time of registration is for the entire journey and there are no other hidden charges. In fact, we often bring in experts to provide free bonus sessions during the journey.
This time there is only one live session. It is meant for sharing insights and experiences and celebrating the completion of the journey. We highly recommend that you attend this session to get maximum value from the program.
Interaction is not mandatory; however, the sharing of participants is integral to the journey and often becomes a resource of insights and inspiration. The WhatsApp/Telegram group will have a maximum of fifty participants, and it is completely your choice to interact with other participants or not.
We have created the schedule are based on feedback we have received from our international participants, such that there will be no issue, no matter which part of the world you live in.

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