Nine Nights of the Goddess


Experience the profound transformation of the Lunar Shakti Manifestation Method. Choose the package that aligns with your commitment to growth and manifest a life overflowing with purpose, joy, and limitless possibility.

Transformative Packages for Every Journey

The Full Year Experience (9 months): Deepen your embodiment of the Nine Goddesses, release blocks, set potent intentions, and experience continuous growth with every lunar cycle. This package offers the greatest potential for life-altering transformation.

The Six-Month Immersion: Dive into the power of the Goddess archetypes, gain self-awareness, and create lasting shifts in your mindset and energy. This package is ideal for those seeking significant progress and lasting change.

The Three-Month Exploration (Most Popular): Embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery, release limiting beliefs, and tap into your inner strength. This package is perfect if you’re ready to take the first step towards a more empowered you.

One-Time Transformation: Sample the transformative power of the Lunar Shakti Manifestation Method and experience the potential of a single cycle. This is your chance to see if NNG resonates with you before committing to a longer package.

Why Invest in Your Transformation?

The Nine Nights of the Goddess is about MORE than just personal growth. It’s about:

  • Cultivating unshakeable confidence.
  • Attracting fulfilling relationships and opportunities.
  • Releasing the past and stepping boldly into your future.
  • Embracing your full power and living a life you don’t need a vacation from!

Don’t let this moment pass you by. Choose your NNG package and begin your journey of radiant transformation TODAY!

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Unalome Project presents
Nine Nights of the Goddess
Awaken the Sākti Within.


Profound insights from the ancient Sākta philosophy, the groundbreaking work of Carl Jung, and the latest research in transpersonal psychology come together to create a truly holistic and practical approach to transformation and freedom.

Conducted and facilitated by Sneha S

Created by Shaurya Singh


The Full Year Experience, The Six-Month Immersion, The Three-Month Exploration, One-Time Transformation

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