Fire Of The Goddess

The Fire of the Goddess (FOTG) journey is all about deeply connecting with and embodying the essence of Kali through this 5-day journey. Kali is the union of opposites, of love and hate, of good and evil, of destruction and pure love. Although represented as dark, wild, and scary, it is through her that doors to pure love, compassion, interconnection, and creation can open. The action-oriented self-work will propel you to actualize your desires, overcome fears, harmonize relationships and integrate your shadow self within a loving-compassionate space.

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Ignite Your Inner Fire: The Fire of the Goddess Journey

Are you ready to shed the old and embrace your most authentic self? Shakti Cirque’s Fire of the Goddess workshop is a transformative 5-day journey into the depths of your being, guided by the waning moon and the fierce energy of Kali.

Through shadow work, guided meditations, journaling, and powerful rituals, you’ll:

🔥 Unchain yourself from past hurts, guilt, and anger.
🔥 Reclaim your wild, untamed spirit and break free from limiting beliefs.
🔥 Heal deep emotional wounds and step into your power.

The Fire of the Goddess provides a safe and sacred space to explore your shadow self, embrace your vulnerability, and ignite your inner fire. This is not just a workshop; it’s an initiation into your most authentic, empowered self.

Are you ready to rise like a phoenix?


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