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The Breakthrough

Our logo “Breakthrough” is inspired by the ancient Tibetan symbol Unalome which represents the inner journey. Here the circles represent the levels of existence, the horizontal lines are the three states of being and the red vertical line is pure consciousness, recognition of which leads to liberation from the labyrinth. The logo was designed by Shaurya Singh in 2020.

Team Unalome

Meet the team behind Unalome Project, a group of passionate individuals dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve self-realization. Our team consists of experienced facilitators, coaches, and guides who have a deep understanding of ancient wisdom and modern philosophies. Together, we have created a safe and supportive community where you can express yourself, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights.
A portrait of Unalome Projects Founder Shaurya Singh

Shaurya Singh

Founder and Director
Designing profound accidents.

Sneha S

Co-founder and CEO

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The Story

The story of Unalome Project is not new, we are merely the torchbearers of the message for the current age. This story is central to human existence and is the most important story ever told. As humans learnt to talk, when language became complex enough to represent reality in a virtual form, something happened. In our amazement of this new phenomena, we entered a hypnotic state, a state of forgetting. This state was addictive as it had the promise of something new that language had invented, happiness. Like a carrot on a stick. If you want the carrot you hold the stick, but as long as you hold the stick, the carrot is not reachable.

The Labyrinth

At first it was simple, then we got good at creating evermore complex and elaborate labyrinths as you can see in your life and the modern world. We are deeply entranced by the false promises, trapped in the manipulation, imprisoned in the reality that we have constructed. Watch how it passes from one generation to the next. So gripping, almost inescapable. In its clutches, we have cried, we have killed, we have lost our essence.

Lightning Strikes

All through history, like a lightning bolt of clarity, she strikes. She is Kali. She is that moment when you doubt the plausibility of this reality. She is the destruction of the grip it has. She is the explosive revelation of the falsehood of everything you have accepted. She is the breaker of chains. She is that thought within the illusion that seeks to demolish the illusion. She does not map a way out of the labyrinth she pierces through it. Through history, through the ages, there have been people who have experienced her and, in that experience, have gone beyond the conditioning.

Mission Unalome

Such persons spontaneously became thought leaders and game changers. They have been the torchbearers of the mystical journey that allows the unfolding of the truth. The remembrance of that which we have forgotten. We are the torchbearer of this wisdom, endowed with the mission of reaching the people who are ready to grow it. With the grace of Kali, we have formed Unalome Project as the contemporary manifestation of this mission.
“The time has come for us to make a crucial choice. We could choose to go down this path of conflict, disturbance and destruction. Or then, we can choose to heal, to transform, to discover our truth. We need to do this, first as individuals and then, as a collective, collaborating to create a whole new way of living, for the next generation.”

~ Shaurya Singh, Founder
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