Awaken the Warrior: Bootcamp

Forge strength, flow, and unwavering spirit in the Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp. This immersive 4-week journey blends ancient wisdom with dynamic movement practices, igniting your inner warrior and propelling you toward personal growth.

Master martial arts-inspired movements, harness the serenity of Qi Gong, and connect with your primal energy through ground-based exercises. Learn to seamlessly combine these movements into captivating flows, achieving a state of heightened focus and unleashing your creative potential.

Boost your strength, agility, and resilience while cultivating a warrior mindset. Develop unwavering determination and conquer challenges with newfound confidence. Embrace a holistic approach to well-being with optimal nutrition, stress management techniques, and a supportive community to fuel your journey.

Emerge from the Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp as a stronger, more confident version of yourself. Earn your Warrior’s Mark – a testament to your dedication and transformation. Limited spots available. Start your warrior path February 5th.

Charisma Masterclass – Radiate Magnetic Confidence

Discover the transformative power of charisma in The Charisma Masterclass. Elevate your presence with insights into magnetic interactions, authentic style, and confident communication. Unveil the secrets of charismatic body language and connect with a supportive community. Join us to unleash your brilliance and captivate the world.

Yoga of Tao – Access your Flow State

Feeling stressed, disconnected, and stuck? Craving clarity, energy, and a deeper connection to yourself? Join the Yoga of Tao workshop, your sanctuary to unleash your inner flow through ancient wisdom and contemporary practices.

Led by Ritika Komal, a passionate guide with 5+ years of experience, this transformative workshop blends Hatha yoga movements, guided meditations, and Taoist philosophies. Expect to:

Reduce stress and anxiety through gentle movements and mindfulness techniques.
Enhance clarity and focus with present-moment awareness and inner stillness.
Boost energy and vitality by awakening your inner flow and balancing body and mind.
Improve flexibility and mobility with gentle stretches and mindful movement.
Deepen self-awareness and connection through guided practices and a supportive community.
Limited spots available! Claim your transformation today and receive a free bonus guide to deepen your practice. Click here to discover your flow!

Awaken The Warrior

Unleash your inner strength and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Join us for “Awakening the Warrior” workshop, where you’ll experience the power of martial arts movements, sound healing, and mindfulness. Embrace fear as your ally, face challenges head-on, and tap into your true potential. Guided by experienced facilitators, you’ll embody the dance of the warrior through primal movements and the resonating sounds of drums, didgeridoo, flute, and singing bowl. Awaken the dormant warrior within, and step into the fullness of your essence. Reserve your spot now and embrace the path of empowerment and transformation.

Zen Flow

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Zen Flow. Discover inner peace and mindfulness through the wisdom of Zen philosophy. Guided by experienced facilitators, delve into breathwork, Qi-gong, and Metta Meditation. This inclusive community invites curious beginners and seasoned practitioners. Embrace the present, unlock your true potential, and navigate challenges with grace. Join us for a journey of self-discovery, compassion, and profound transformation. Awaken your senses, nourish your soul, and connect with life’s flow. Secure your spot today and seize the opportunity!

Something Sufi

Something Sufi-Featured Image

Yearning for deeper meaning, inner peace, and a life aligned with your true self? Join “Something Sufi,” a unique workshop inspired by the wisdom of Rumi, the renowned mystic poet. Immerse yourself in powerful practices like Sufi whirling and fire rituals, explore Rumi’s profound poetry, and connect with a vibrant community of seekers. Break free from limitations, cultivate inner peace, and unlock your true potential. Led by renowned meditation coach Shaurya Singh, “Something Sufi” is more than a workshop; it’s a transformative experience that will resonate long after the final session. Limited spots available! Secure yours today and begin your journey to self-discovery.

Katsu! The Zen Retreat – Bangalore

Embark on a transformative retreat that cultivates mindfulness, self-discovery, and inner peace. Explore the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism, Soto Zen, and Rinzai Zen, gaining insights to align your actions with your values and life purpose. Nurture self-discipline, embrace the present moment, and foster a supportive community. Experience profound inner transformation and integrate ancient wisdom into everyday life. Join us for a holistic journey of self-reflection, connection with nature, and personal growth. Develop a deeper understanding of oneself and enhance emotional well-being. Discover the magic of each moment and embrace a life filled with clarity, purpose, and well-being

Shanti Sessions

Shanti Sessions Featured Image

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of Omkār chanting at Shanti Sessions, your gateway to inner peace and self-discovery. Led by renowned facilitator Shaurya Singh, this unique workshop transcends meditation apps, offering a profound journey through ancient wisdom and modern science. Go beyond stress relief and unlock your true potential in a supportive community. Join Shanti Sessions and discover the peace waiting within.

Shakti Cirque Gathering

Seeking transformation? Join us for a powerful 3.5-hour workshop designed to empower women through ancient wisdom, movement, and self-discovery. Connect with the fierce energy of Ma Kali, break free from limitations, and discover your true potential. Explore introspective exercises, movement meditations, and supportive community to unleash your inner strength and embrace a life fueled by purpose and authenticity.

Now & Zen

Learn the secrets of Zen meditation at the Now Zen Workshop. This unique opportunity will teach you how to use Zen wisdom, meditation and qi-gong to reduce stress, improve focus, and achieve a greater sense of peace and well-being.