Awaken the Warrior: Bootcamp

Forge strength, flow, and unwavering spirit in the Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp. This immersive 4-week journey blends ancient wisdom with dynamic movement practices, igniting your inner warrior and propelling you toward personal growth.

Master martial arts-inspired movements, harness the serenity of Qi Gong, and connect with your primal energy through ground-based exercises. Learn to seamlessly combine these movements into captivating flows, achieving a state of heightened focus and unleashing your creative potential.

Boost your strength, agility, and resilience while cultivating a warrior mindset. Develop unwavering determination and conquer challenges with newfound confidence. Embrace a holistic approach to well-being with optimal nutrition, stress management techniques, and a supportive community to fuel your journey.

Emerge from the Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp as a stronger, more confident version of yourself. Earn your Warrior’s Mark – a testament to your dedication and transformation. Limited spots available. Start your warrior path February 5th.

Embodying Kali

Step into the dynamic realm of ‘Embodying Kali,’ a transformative one-hour workshop by Unalome Project. Dive deep into the primal force of Kali energy, shedding societal masks with ancient movement practices. This session is more than an experience; it’s a journey of self-liberation, authenticity, and empowerment. Join us to unleash your unapologetic essence, embrace primal power, and embark on a profound exploration within. Lead the thought. Change the game

Shakti Cirque Suprabhātam

Revitalize your mornings with Suprabhātam – a transformative ritual combining ancient wisdom and modern science. Elevate your well-being through meditation, chanting, yoga, and breathwork. Take charge of your day, enhance focus, and boost energy. Join our online sessions for empowerment, expert guidance, and a happier, healthier you.

Nine Steps to Nothing

Experience the life-altering journey of Nine Steps to Nothing. Join now for a structured approach to self-discovery and unleash your untapped potential. Limited spots available. Embrace clarity, break free from the labyrinth of confusion, and ignite the extraordinary within you.

Nine Nights of the Goddess

Unleash your inner power and ignite your transformation with the “Nine Nights of the Goddess” workshop. This immersive online program, led by renowned facilitator Sneha S., guides you through ancient wisdom and archetypal psychology to uncover your true potential. Explore the nine Navadurgā Goddesses, each embodying unique aspects of the Divine Feminine. Through daily meditations, journaling, and community connection, you’ll shed limiting beliefs, embrace self-love, and unlock your creativity. Experience emotional balance, awaken your intuition, and discover your authentic voice. Join a sisterhood of empowered women and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery. C