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Are you waking up?

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What's your story?

You are constantly narrating the story of your life to yourself. The inner monologue that seeks to revive the past and rehearse for the future. What if this story is not your story at all, but is the mainstream narrative? The common civilizational story of who you are, and what life means. The template that dictates what you desire, what you fear and how you should live your life.

The evidence.

Feeling disturbed. Feeling isolated and alone. A growing sense of existential angst. It is the sadness, the disappointment, the lack of fulfilment. The boredom, the heaviness, the tightness. You know the feeling, the deep sense that something isn’t right.

Notice the glitches?

The mainstream narrative has a tremendous grip over the individual. The entire world seems to mesmerized in its seductive deception. Forever keeping the individual distracted and disempowered. Yet, on occasion something strange happens. There is a sudden, spontaneous moment of awareness. A glitch. A moment of questioning. A moment where the fakeness, the pointlessness, the absurdity of it all becomes evident.

You are not alone.

Living in these times of unprecedented comfort, luxury, technology, the question of why that has not translated into happiness stares us in the face. The conflict (social, economic, political, relational) we see in the world has found no resolution through all the varied solutions we have tried. Isn’t it worse than it ever was? It is only natural that glitches are being noticed by more and more people. People are waking up to the fact that until the individual inner conflict is not resolved there can be no harmony in relationships, in life or in the world.

And then?

It is easy to go back to sleep. Everything around you is designed to do just that. However, if you are lucky or with Grace as the mystics would say, you encounter the living conversation. A conversation that has the power to break you out of the labyrinth of conditioned narratives. The radical engagement that is the remover of darkness, the breaker of chains.

Unalome Project

With the vision to create thought-leaders and game-changers who will bring about a whole new way of living, we are constantly striving to empower the individual who chooses to take on the inner journey.

Three phases.



As a companion and collaborator on your search for truth and meaning, we engage you in powerfully structured voyages designed to accelerate your growth and deepen your understanding. Through the various curricula.



The core work involves total and radical transformation. The essential process of unlearning and arriving at a blank canvas. This is the ultimate voyage of self-realization as spoken of by the ancient mystics and modern philosophy. As you resolve and overcome the limitations, you gain access to powerfully actualizing yourself as your highest potential.



Unalome Project is also your space to engage, share and express yourself within this community of fellow travelers. Designed as a game, this platform helps to develop your skills, learn the fundamentals of powerful expression and create your personal style and aesthetic. Through various activities and assignments you will gain the tools and resources to be a thought-leader and game-changer in the world.

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