Rang Tarang Summer Camp

Give your child the ultimate Rang-Tarang experience by selecting the full four-week package here!

This immersive program offers the greatest value, allowing for deeper skill development, stronger friendships, and a true journey of self-discovery through Indian culture. Secure the best price and guarantee your child’s spot in this transformational summer camp.

Not ready to commit to all four weeks? We understand! You can start with a single week to let your child experience the magic of Rang-Tarang firsthand.

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Give your child the gift of a truly transformative summer. Rang-Tarang is more than just childcare – it’s a holistic adventure designed to boost your child’s confidence, creativity, and well-being. Through a vibrant blend of movement, mindfulness, theater, STEM, and Indian cultural exploration, your child will:

  • Get Moving! Joyful dance, animal-inspired play, and simple yoga build coordination and a love of physical activity.
  • Find Their Calm: Learn simple mindfulness techniques to manage big feelings and boost focus.
  • Ignite Creativity!: Explore the magic of Indian stories, music, and art, embracing imagination and self-expression
  • Act It Out!: Build confidence with role-playing and fun performances, finding their voice and teamwork skills.
  • Spark Curiosity: Explore STEM concepts through playful experiments and challenges that foster a love of learning.
  • Led by passionate experts, Rang-Tarang is a safe and nurturing space for your child to blossom. Enroll today and watch them return home with stories to share, new skills, and a joyful spirit!

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