Awaken the Warrior: Bootcamp

Physical Prowess:

Master Basic Techniques: Learn the foundational movements of martial arts and primal exercises, building a strong physical base.
Enhance Strength & Agility: Discover your untapped physical potential, building strength, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance.
Unlock Flexibility & Mobility: Improve your range of motion and body awareness, fostering overall wellness and preventing injury.
Optimize Movement Patterns: Develop efficient and functional movement patterns that translate into everyday life activities.

Inner Warrior’s Mindset:

Cultivate Resilience: Build unwavering determination and mental fortitude to overcome challenges and keep moving forward.
Embrace Flow State: Learn to enter a state of peak focus and heightened performance, unleashing your creative potential.
Develop Mindfulness & Concentration: Sharpen your focus and awareness, achieving a deeper connection between mind and body.
Practice Stress Management: Discover effective techniques to navigate everyday stressors and maintain inner peace.

Holistic Wellbeing:

Fuel Your Body: Understand the principles of optimal nutrition for enhanced performance and recovery.
Prioritize Sleep & Rest: Learn techniques for optimizing sleep quality and prioritizing rest for holistic well-being.
Build a Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals, creating a network of encouragement and growth.

Personal Empowerment:

Uncover Your True Potential: Embark on a journey of self-discovery, revealing your innate strengths and inner warrior spirit.
Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem: Develop unshakeable belief in yourself and your abilities, stepping into your power with grace and strength.
Forge a Path of Continuous Growth: Gain valuable tools and practices for lifelong learning and self-improvement.


Master Flow Sequences: Combine learned movements into captivating flows, expressing your inner warrior through creative expression.
Earn Your Warrior’s Mark: Celebrate your accomplishment and dedication with a prestigious certificate, a testament to your journey.

Tuition (in Rupees):


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Embrace the Warrior Within: The Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp ignites your potential and forges a path of self-mastery. This 16-day epic blends ancient wisdom with dynamic movement practices, transforming you from the inside out.

Martial Arts, Qi Gong, and Primal Prowess: Immerse yourself in martial arts-inspired movements, harnessing your inner power. Unlock the serenity of Qi Gong practices, balancing your energy flow. Connect with nature through primal ground-based exercises, unleashing your wild primal energy.

Beyond Physical: This journey transcends physical training. Discover the Primal Warrior Mindset, cultivating unyielding determination and resilience. Master the art of Flow State, achieving heightened focus and unlocking boundless creativity. Nourish your body with wisdom on optimal nutrition and restful sleep.

Unleash Your Power: This transformative experience grants you:

Boosted Strength & Agility: Sculpt your body and enhance your physical capabilities.
Flexible Body & Strong Mindset: Improve your mobility and develop mental endurance.
Connected Mind & Body: Achieve harmony between your mind and body, unlocking inner peace.
Balanced Lifestyle: Learn habits for a healthier, stress-free life.
Fluent Movement: Master breathtaking movement sequences, expressing your warrior spirit.
Community Unity: Find support and motivation in a tribe of kindred spirits.
Earn Your Warrior’s Mark: Upon completion, celebrate your triumph with a prestigious certificate. Showcase your newfound power and grace in a final flow, a testament to your warrior journey.

Embrace Your Destiny: Are you ready to awaken your inner warrior? Join the Awaken the Warrior Bootcamp and forge the path to your greatest self.

Tuition Fee

Full Tuition, Registration Fee

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Event Details

Date: March 05, 2024

Start time: 07:00 a.m. IST

End time: 08:00 a.m. IST

Venue: Heybrewty

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