NSN 23 Application

In the course of three weeks I was able to give closure to things that I had been holding on to for years. Saw myself emerging out of the darkness, and make choices from a completely new space. Shaurya is an amazing teacher, able to hold space for the group to emerge and transform. Would definitely recommend others to do this too.

Manjit Kaur Kochar

I’m extremely glad I signed up for the NSN workshop. It has helped me drop my childhood baggage, taught me to be non-judgmental and most importantly to love and accept myself. It’s an inward journey worth taking.

Ankita Pai

Unalome Project’s mission is something I personally resonate with a lot. Their workshops like Nine Steps to Nothing are so simple yet so powerfully designed. The journey inward may be dark but so worth it. NSN simply empowers you to take on this journey with courage.

Rachika Komal

My change began here. This is a platform to become the best version of yourself. This is serious. This is beautiful. This is a transformation.

Sukhleen Kaur

I wish everybody could feel this magic happening to them, it’s profound. I can clearly divide my life in terms of pre this learning and post this learning, and I love the later one.

Vidya Shanker Mishra

Through NSN there have been major shifts in my physical, mental levels of strength and vitality, clarity about the food I ingest. I find myself more present to the moment, and I think as I go along…My vision for experiencing my highest potential is not in the future it’s at every moment of my day . Frankly, I don’t know the how of it ..But it IS an experience I’m having. Gratitude Flowing.

Ray R Dharma

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