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These are the brave heroes who have found victory

over the 21-Day Meditation Challenge.

Ritika Komal


"The technique is so simple and impactful! Chanting and mantra repetition can really change the mind's patterns and bring it to silence."

Urvi Mankekar


"The blissfulness meditation challenge has helped me appreciate the present moment and be content no matter what life throws my way! Gratitude has now become a way of life!"

Aditya Tiwari

Actor & Fitness Coach

"Practicing Meditation is a must in present times, but the mind keeps coming in the way. This is a beautiful structure to keep you on track with buddy system. I am still continuing without fail."

Kavery M K

Fitness & Movement Coach

"The Blissfulness Meditation practice has brought so much clarity and focus in everything I do on everyday processes. Coaching my clients and training myself requires utmost focus, energy, and attention. There is a major shift in all these areas since the time I have made Blissfulness Meditation a regular practice."

Nanthitha Shankar

Quality Analyst

"Taking on the practice consistently improved my mental health profoundly. I was able to deal with the negative and overwhelming emotions with ease and calm. It helped me to shed a lot of incessant mind chatter and increased self-compassion."

Neha Agarwal


"Blissfulness meditation is the best way to begin or restart your meditation journey because of the beautiful peer group that keeps you on track and pumped about your commitment to meditation."

Ritu Sharma

Makeup artist

"It really helped me find peace."

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21 Day Meditation Challenge Logo

If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to get in touch with us at 9886551029 or send us an email at info@unalomeproject.com

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An initiative based on the practices of the Blissfulness Meditation method.

This challenge is facilitated by a certified meditation coach and provides a safe, supportive and sacred space for you to explore.

Based on ancient wisdom and backed by modern science.

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